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Maggie's Grooming Service

We all love our pets, but sometime's they could do with a good clean! Not only will your home smell better, but the health of your dog's coat and fur will be much improved.


If your dog needs a trim or a soothing bath, Maggie can help. Offering a professional dog grooming service, Maggie can collect and return your dog, so your pooch is all nice and clean when you arrive home.


Maggie has been running a dog grooming service for many years and has built a loyal customer base who appreciate the care she gives to their pets.


A full range of grooming and pampering services are available to your pets, if you require a friendly, reliable grooming service, Maggie has got it covered!

Pet Grooming includes:


  • Dog grooming

  • Trimming

  • Bathing

  • Nail clipping



Qualified Shropshire Dog Grooming Shropshire
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